A few months ago, I was convinced that my life was happy, and my diet healthy. I was completely unaware of the “Keto” concept, and I never paid attention to any issues related to my metabolic system: Did I have one?

However, starting a project to create a new digital healthcare company for the USA –dedicated to the treatment of type-2 diabetes and other diseases related to the metabolic system– has changed the way I understand diet and nutrition. Perhaps this is just an example about why the world of startups in the digital healthcare market is growing.

For approaching this project, at wonnd we shaped a team of psychologists, journalists, designers, strategists and art directors, and what began six months ago as an exciting work challenge, became a new paradigm: a new habit for most of us. Little by little, we have started questioning what we eat, reducing carbohydrates, adopting intermittent fasting, learning about the importance of proper hydration, and about the relevance of fats in our organism. Our shopping basket has also completely changed: no rice, no sugar, no potatoes, no bread, almost no fruits.

This full project to work on insights, positioning, strategy, branding, naming, identity, ended up being a new culture for us. This experience has been an extensive source of conversations with friends, scientific, experts and doctors from around the world. What is clear is that this approach to healthcare raised the interest of many people, and breaks some myths: an apple a day does not keep the doctor away 😉

I am now as happy as before, but healthier. Not only because of the way I eat, but also because I have lost 10 kg in weight.

This is why, for us, it is so important to be able to choose the projects we want to work on: at wonnd we get involved in the projects from our clients to the point they are life-changing.

  • By Gerardo Fuksman
    Founder & General Manager
  • September 8, 2021

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