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Innovation is about putting concrete and daring initiatives that change, break and improve the status quo into practice. And if we talk about open innovation, even more so. A case in point is the recent work we’ve done with the Oper.Lab team from the Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna.

We’re excited to share our learnings from the recent Science, Science Fiction and Storytelling workshop at IdeaSquare, the innovation space at CERN — when meanings and perceptions are fluid and changing, mixing disciplines is the solution to inspire new approaches.

Design has the power to drive meaningful change. And design leaders, such as those of us at wonnd, have what it takes to create value and translate ideas into impact. We share the key takeaways from the Service Design Days Leadership Summit 2023.

In line with our motto “fighting against linear thinking culture and silos”, we recently had the opportunity to discuss and reflect with a group of master’s students about the value of mixing disciplines, people, ideas for creating effective solutions to challenging problems.

Humanity is facing urgent and complex problems. When the current approach fails to respond to the most pressing challenges, there is a crucial need to create a mindset of exponential thinking and train the new generation of changemakers.

At wonnd, learning is what moves us forward, keeps our curiosity active and helps us better understand the changing environment we live in. Here we share our learnings about applying service design to tackle social challenges, and the inspiring projects of a group of brave students who are actually doing this!