Cake, candles, big learnings to celebrate our first year. And five strategic pillars for our second year and beyond.

We’re so happy to mark our first year. It’s time to reflect and plan what comes next!

Looking back: lots learned
We feel very proud when we look back at everything we’ve done during the last year. We see a lot of effort, lots of experience gained, and, of course, things to improve. But there are also many things that we would do exactly the same way, again and again. The results we have achieved have been excellent. We met our objectives!
We fulfilled our business and launch plans. We created our company, our brand, our website.
We took on great clients and challenging projects for Europe, LatAm and the USA.
We set up a team with amazing partners who helped us on every project.
We want to give our most sincere thanks to each of our clients, and to all the people who have trusted us, and with their trust, allowed us to shape this project. Thank you.

Looking forward: five strategic pillars to follow
When we look ahead we see a lot to do, to learn and to consolidate. We have significant challenges to meet in the coming years. To achieve them we have defined a strategic plan on which we have worked intensely with the support, experience and wise counselling of advisors and friends. These are the key pillars and goals for our next step:

wonnd base camp
Our own workspace that will be a meeting point for multidisciplinary work and the exchange of experiences. It will let us increase synergies, mix points of view and disciplines, work in new ways. A new office is coming very soon!

wonnd global
Today we are based in Barcelona, but our eyes are eagerly looking around. We’re searching for new ways to be present in other geographies, and take wonnd’s vision to other markets and cultures.

wonnd team
Even as we seek to remain liquid, both in philosophy and in practice, and maintain the flexibility and dynamism to customize and unite the right expertise for each challenge, we will continue looking for new ways of working to expand the wonnd team’s talent and skill.

wonnd social commitment
With so many social and environmental challenges in the world, we didn’t know how to contribute. So, we’re going to begin by helping those who know how to tackle these challenges, and with our work (and our tools) help NGOs and organizations that fight for these causes.

wonnd approach
We started wonnd with the premise that the way in which we approach a challenge/problem has a big impact on the solutions we get. We will continue exploring and creating new approaches in response to new challenges. Keeping looking for new ways of doing things is at the core of our work, to find better results and create new work models.

We know that the coming years will be demanding and there is much more to do (relaunch ourselves on Instagram is just one pending example!). But we are driven by the passion, the illusion and the conviction we put into everything we do. As we always say and truly believe: not everything is done.
wonnd second year: here we go!

  • By Gerardo Fuksman
    Founder & General Manager
  • October 18, 2021

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