We are a team
with a shared vision.

We are a team
with a shared vision.

We have more than 20 years of experience in the industry. We lead multidisciplinary teams and bring the right people on board for each project.

Luciana Leveratto

Founder & Director

Luciana brings precision, methodology, multidisciplinary collaboration, and experience working with science and technology to all her work. She is kind, creative, bold, and open-minded. She knows how to handle complex processes, and put focus and teams on the right path. She has a design, corporate, and academic background. Her main expertise is in the fields of design, innovation, education, art, and culture.

Gerardo Fuksman

Founder & General Manager

Gerardo brings out-of-the-box thinking, understanding, and flexibility to projects. He is pragmatic, creative, approachable, and people-centric. He knows how to detect insights and trends, and apply them to create strategic value for businesses and brands. He has a background in international consultancy, research, and branding companies. His main expertise is in the fields of strategy, innovation, branding, communication, and research.

Eduardo Sincofsky

Associate Partner LATAM

Eduardo brings fresh thinking, passion and a wide expertise in Latin-American culture. He is easy going, analytic, and sharp. He is based in Brazil, but his extensive consultant background also comes from Argentina, Chile, Colombia and other countries in the region. Not only that, but he has a background in journalism, psychology, research, and public opinion. He knows how to decode insights and transform them into concrete value propositions for clients.