We create strategies for a world in permanent evolution.

Not everything is done.

We are a boutique agency that integrates disciplines and approaches to create successful and impactful strategies for brands, companies, and organizations.

Opportunities are out there.

Opportunities are out there.


At wonnd we believe that the world is in permanent evolution: needs are always unsatisfied, meanings and perceptions are fluid and changing, frames are not rigid. Opportunities are out there: not everything is done.

We believe that people are always searching for something better, looking for what will make their lives easier, happier, more meaningful. This force is the basis of progress and growth, and the path for creating a brighter future.

We partner bold people who aim at doing things differently, which leads to better and more effective solutions.


why & wow define our idea of wonnd.

The why effect.

wonnd as reflection, question, doubt, curiosity.
It is the attitude behind perseverance and wisdom.
It is the question mark.
Wondering sets the direction, the plan.

The wow effect.

wonnd as positive surprise, amazement, novelty, admiration. The pursuit of magic and marvels in creation. It is the exclamation mark.
It is what drives wonderful results.