First wonnd Summer Party! Days ago, we reunite 10 brilliant minds at Casa Bonay’s rooftop, Barcelona, to celebrate all the projects we did together during the year.

We had some excused absences. People who, for various reasons, were in Tokyo, Sao Paulo, the Costa Brava, or at home due Covid-19, and could not physically join us for this first summer celebration. We missed them all!

But all this lights –present at the terrace or from the distance– make the team that enlighten the projects we do every day at wonnd.

At wonnd we like mixing talent and sharing experiences. We like to work with this team of partners that helps, proposes, collaborates, and creates, always with a smile.

Because this is how we do things at wonnd: breaking the barriers of the disciplines, creating value from the approach, and finding spaces to share and enjoy with our arts directors, designers, strategists, insighters, storytellers, copywriters, producers, advisors. All together.

Much remains to be done, lots of talent to be added to the party, and many others rooftops still to conquer. Little by little, step by step, there we go!

Thanks to the effort of all the team, in less than 1 year, we have extended our footprint with projects in Europe, USA, Latin America & Israel. We want to thank to all of this brilliant people, and also thank our clients who gave us the chance to do something different and brilliant together.

We are happy to have celebrated this meeting, and at wonnd we will do our best to have more celebrations, and make the team of bright lights grow.

I wish you a good summer, and remember: not everything is done!

  • By Gerardo Fuksman
    Founder & General Manager
  • July 19, 2021

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