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As a strategy agency, every project we tackle starts with complex questions that our clients are looking to answer. And we wanted to test how an A.I. system like ChatGPT could answer those questions.

It seems that 2022 is over… People are already bracing themselves for next year. In conversations with clients, partners and collaborators, everyone is cautious about the future and wondering what “surprises” 2023 will bring.

In recent months I’ve been hearing that marketing departments in big FMCG companies are concentrating their efforts on price, raw materials and packaging sizes. I don’t doubt the importance of these factors, but tactics should not be confused with strategy. No long-term brand battle has ever been won by playing with the Excel file and costing numbers.

Now it seems we have a return to “normality”, big companies are finding that they’re having to deal with real changes in the mindsets of their employees as a result of the pandemic when it comes to working in the office vs working from home.

What capacities will we need to tackle the challenges we’ll face in 2050? We challenged a group of 20 international trailblazers to answer this question!

Diversity and mixing are part of our philosophy, and our presence in LATAM brings us new perspectives, widens our horizons and enriches our work.