We have started this new year by making one of our strategic pillars a reality: we’ve opened our new workspace in Barcelona! 

Inspired by actual mountain base camps, the wonnd base camp is a place to prepare and plan new challenges. It is our place to experiment, dream, celebrate and share. A place to team up. 

When we looked for a space and designed the wonnd base camp, we had a clear concept in mind of what we wanted it to be:

  • A space for working, collaborating and exploring new summits to reach, not only for us but also for our partners and clients. A meeting point.
  • An open space for generating interactions. A place for running workshops and co-creating strategies, projects, brands, new products and services, concepts and content… and much more!
  • A relaxed space for sharing a good cup of coffee or an after-hours glass of wine, having inspiring conversations with others (friends, colleagues and clients). A place to enjoy and dream.
  • A place for thinking and escaping the noise, for focusing. A refuge to be able to work in detail on precise ideas, words, designs, new approaches to challenges. 

Even though we still have some decorating to finish, our base camp is fully operational. In the end, a good base camp is also a dynamic place, which evolves and changes depending on requirements and the people in it.

Our lucky cat is happy in its new home. Lucky cat in Japanese is called maneki-neko, which comes from the Japanese words maneki (to invite) and neko (cat) – together they mean “inviting or beckoning cat.”. We hope to see you soon around the wonnd base camp, where our maneki-neko welcomes everyone who visits. Come and see us to discover a hidden space in Barcelona’s Eixample neighbourhood.

We have started 2022 by making a dream come true! We hope this year starts as well for all of you, too.

  • By Gerardo Fuksman
    Founder & General Manager
  • January 16, 2022

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