We have just launched wonnd, our website is ready and here is our first blog post.
But… not everything is done.

Mixing, sharing, and trying new ways of doing things are all part of the essence of wonnd. Because to find better solutions we all need to do something different. Because only by setting aside the limits of each discipline, and using fresh approaches to combine them, can something new be generated.  For us, this spirit is the basis of value creation, progress, creativity, as well as the basis of fun.

This is why we created wonnd and also why we created this blog: as a space for dialog, sharing, exchange.

We will be publishing content that explores trends, people, society, meanings, brands, cultures… And in some cases, delving into interesting strategies, relevant content, innovation, design, insights… In short, a mix of many things but when we put them all together, we are capable of imagining new realities.

We will talk about ourselves and others, while always trying to inspire, share and tear down silos. And always open to evolving, to learning, to improving. Because we live in a changing world and we know that opportunities are out there: not everything is done.

People don’t wait for someone to bring new solutions to their doors. People are creative and develop their own solutions using what they have around them. You can find examples everywhere. In short, it’s about finding a smart solution if you don’t want your sandals to touch the sand (or if you find something lost at the beach and, generously, decide to leave it in a visible place for its clueless owner).

You don’t have to wait either. Let’s talk and get connected.

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Your comments and ideas are also welcome. Not everything is done.

  • By Gerardo Fuksman
    Founder & General Manager
  • April 16, 2021

1 comment on “Welcome to our blog.
Welcome to wonnd.

  1. Congratulations! I wish you all the best.
    Love this: ¨people don´t wait for someone to bring new solutions to their doors, people are creative and develop their own solutions…¨, and technology is almost out of control accelerating everything. Brands are in the middle trying to catch up with something through creative concepts and product content with innovation, a huge challenge, no doubt.

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